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Once they stumbled upon their name, Vacant Bays figured it was perfect, as it symbolised the void awaiting the narratives they wished to share. Dylan and Daniel, two guys from central London, produce music from their homes, having learned to play instruments and write songs on their own since their teenage years. Their goal? To spin tales not just from their own experiences but from those around them too.


Inspired by songwriters like Donovan Woods, Riley Pearce, and Richie Kotzen, Vacant Bays brings an ease with their music, ranging from alternative folk to punk rock. They let the narrative shape both the mood and genre of their songs.


With close to half a million listens since their second release, ‘Matter of Time’, Vacant Bays has found themselves featured on numerous playlists and recognised by music websites and blogs. Despite their initial success, Dylan and Daniel’s mission remains unchanged: crafting music they adore that resonates with others.


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